Fairy School: Unleashing Creativity and Learning Through Magic!

Hello, all you wonderful parents and little explorers! Welcome to the fairy realm, a special place where the Enchanted Explorers program infuses learning with a touch of whimsy and a whole lot of magic. Imagine getting the kids off the sofa and into the outdoors with a positive home program weaving nature experiences, mindfulness exercises & fun learning activities. Now imagine all the planning was done for you!


That's what our unique, proprietary, and downright magical M.A.G.I.C. Method is all about. It stirs up curiosity, nurtures creativity, and introduces your kiddo to a world where nature, mindfulness, and imagination rule the roost. And the best part? They'll be having a whale of a time all along!


This is where the unique M.A.G.I.C. Method comes into play, engaging your child's curiosity, fostering their creativity, and immersing them in a world that prizes nature, mindfulness, and the power of imagination. The best p


Fairies and Nature - The Best Buddies Ever!


Guess what? In the fairyland folklore, fairies are the nature's BFFs. They dance with the wind, sing with the birds, and throw the most amazing parties under the mushroom umbrellas! Inspired by these stories, our Fairy School is all about connecting your child with nature and making learning an enchanting experience.


Just like fairies, we want our little learners to celebrate Mother Earth and understand the delicate balance of the natural world. As Richard Louv, author of "Last Child in the Woods", suggests, interacting with nature is key to a child's overall growth and development. So, let's get those tiny boots muddy!


The Super Power of Mindfulness


Next on our fairy quest is mindfulness - a superpower that helps your child to focus better, understand their emotions, and be more present in the moment. And no, it's not a tall tale! A study in the Journal of Psychological Science confirms these benefits of mindfulness practice.


In our Enchanted Explorers program, we've wrapped up mindfulness exercises like meditation, deep-breathing, and fairy yoga in a fun package. So, your child will not only learn about their feelings but also have a ball practicing these activities!


Kindness and Good Deeds - That's What Fairies Are Made Of!


Kindness is the heart and soul of the Fairy School. Just like fairies who spread joy and kindness wherever they go, we want our little learners to embrace the habit of doing good deeds. In this magical journey, your child will learn that even small acts of kindness can create big ripples of happiness around them. 


The Enchanted Explorers program: A Whirlwind of Fun and Learning


In the Enchanted Explorers program, your kiddo will set off on a whimsical adventure led by The Fairy Queen and her fairy pals, Bloom and the Good Deed Fairy. Each week comes with exciting nature quests, mindfulness exercises, and creative activities like crafts, dancing, fairy food, and performing good deeds.


Every task they complete will add a spark to their "fairy power™", filling up their "fairy meter". This motivates them to keep learning and have fun along the way. Once their fairy meter is filled, they graduate as an official nature fairy, complete with a certificate to commemorate their accomplishment!

Supporting Parents in this Enchanting Journey

The Enchanted Explorers program was crafted to provide a fulfilling experience for your child while considering your needs. You can adjust the pace to fit your child's comfort level, and the materials required for the course activities are likely already in your home craft box! We've done all the planning so you can enjoy watching your child flourish and create magical memories.

Let's embark on this exciting journey together at Fairy School. Our mission is to help our young learners connect with nature, embrace mindfulness, express their creativity, and spread kindness. Are you ready to make learning a magical adventure? Let's begin!


Want to skyrocket your child's confidencecreativity & inner wellbeing through a nature-filled quest to become a fairy?

Get the kids off the sofa and into the outdoors with the Enchanted Explorers home program, featuring nature experiences, mindfulness exercises & fun learning activities…with all the planning DONE for you!

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